What is training management software? Learn more about eLeaP software

You heard about training management software or LMS, but you do not really know what it is … Would you like to know more about these applications? Here are some of the answers if you want to learn more about eLeaP software. To know about employee training software click here.

What is eLeaP software?

The term professional training software is a sub-category of  Learning Management Software (LMS). As the definition of Wikipedia shows, the term LMS comes from English. In this article, we will make sure to indicate “(LMS)” after each synonym term used so that you will not be lost. However, eLeaP LMS software is often used to refer to any type of software used in professional training or online. Some programs prefer the more minimalist name of “training software”, although their operation is similar to that of an LMS.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system, or LMS, is software used to host online learning content: lessons, worksheets, tests, exams, online questionnaires, and so on. Instructors and administrators can update and edit the content directly on the LMS online. This type of software also provides reports on user performance at the end of each course.

What can be the benefits of a learning platform (LMS) for my company or organization?

To learn more about eLeaP software you need to know that these LMS platforms can be extremely useful for companies that need to train their employees. Training in industrial safety and compliance, legal training, continuing education, renewal of qualifications and training of new employees are all areas in which it is useful to have an LMS.

Do I need a Virtual Training Center (LMS)?

A learning management system (LMS) will be useful if your company renews and frequently updates the qualifications and skills of its employees, if it focuses on continuing vocational training, if it has to be particularly concerned about respect for confidentiality, whether it works with remote employees or whether it is part of a constantly changing industry.

Should I invest in a new LMS?

The best way to determine if your current LMS is no longer suited to your needs is to seek the advice of those who use it. If the IT team, instructors, or students using the system are having difficulty, it may be time to change the LMS software.

Is the implementation of an open and distance learning system (FOAD or LMS) complex?

The complexity of implementing an LMS depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The number of learners who will use the software.
  • The number of modules or lessons you will create.
  • The complexity of the lessons.
  • The frequency of updating the information contained therein.

Most LMS service providers assist their customers in the installation of the system. The implementation time also depends on many factors, but most systems are installed in less than six months.

How are professional training software different from LMS software for higher education?

LMS software can be used as training software or as software for higher education. LMSs developed for university training are generally more robust and feature more complex features, as they are intended for more intense use by instructors and students. In addition, the reporting functions of LMSs for higher education are generally easier for users to access because the results represent student module grades (and are not merely indicators of professional performance).

How much does the training management software cost?

In general, there are three types of pricing for training software:

  • You can pay a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of learners.
  • You can pay a monthly or annual subscription based on a flat fee.
  • You can purchase a license (one-time payment), which will cover the subscription fees until the license expires.

See the eLeaP software price guide to Learn more about eLeaP software and to get an idea of ​​the pricing structure of different LMS suppliers. Be aware that there are many software companies offering a free trial of their training management software. Also, learn about open source learning management software that can be a good option for your needs.

Are online and continuing training reserved for employees and employees?

Anyone wishing to benefit from online professional training can benefit from online training systems. If you operate in an industry that requires continuous professional development, consider using a microlearning (or micro-learning) platform . With microlearning, the content is divided into small digest sections, unlike traditional e-learning platforms that offer full lessons and tests. This approach is just as useful for supervisors and managers as it is for employees and collaborators.

What are the most common features of LMS?

According to our research  , LMS software buyers are particularly interested in certain features, such as videoconferencing and distance learning. The most used functions are the assessment tools, the mixed learning features and the student portals.

What is open source LMS software?

The source code of open source software is made available to the public free of charge and may be freely modified. These programs allow those who know about programming to easily customize them and everyone to use them for free, even in their original form.

What factors should be considered in selecting an LMS?

Before you buy an LMS software, consider the size of your business, your budget, how often your users will need to access the software, and the complexity of your training materials.

What is the difference between cloud-based training software and on-premises software ?

On -premises software is hosted on your computer’s hard disk or on a local network. Cloud software is remotely hosted by the software vendor or service provider, and the user can access it through their online training management software simply by using a device connected to the Internet.

Who is the training software for?

All companies that want to modernize their employee training processes can benefit from training software. This kind of software will be particularly useful in the following cases:

  • For human resources or talent management managers who want to improve the process of integrating new employees.
  • For employers in sectors that are constantly changing or where requirements and protocols change frequently.
  • For managers who train employees in new roles.
  • For SMEs who need to stay current in terms of qualifications, especially in certain areas such as construction and engineering.
  • For training centers that create and manage several training projects at a time and must keep an eye on the performance indicators of their training.

What are the benefits of online training?

Online training is more practical, cheaper and faster than training based on printed content (questionnaires, exams …). Online training materials can be easily updated and the electronic platform ensures a more consistent learning experience within your company or organization. These were some questions you must consider to learn more about eLeaP software and ask the LMS services provider to make the best decision according to your requirement. If you want to learn more about eLeaP software don’t forget to comment on this post!

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